Friday, June 1, 2007

Blackberry Wine Cake

This wonderfully magenta cake is Blackberry Wine Cake, a totally delicious cake made on the cheap with Duncan Hines White Cake mix, Royal Blackberry gelatin, eggs, vegetable oil, and what is quite possibly some of the nastiest wine ever, (and is only $2.90 for 750 mL) Mogen David Blackberry Wine. Even Paul wouldn't try it. Miraculously, it makes a damn good cake. It was really easy to make since it uses a cake mix and because the recipe includes a glaze made with powdered sugar and blackberry wine, it's very similar in texture to an English-style pudding. I'll be making this again since I still have half a bottle of wine that cannot possibly be used for anything else and 3 more boxes of Royal gelatin (I stocked up because I had no idea if I'd ever be able to find it again). The recipe I used was Blackberry Wine Cake II from Allrecipes.

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