Sunday, January 27, 2008

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are for tonight's watch party for Masterpiece Theatre's adaptation of Mansfield Park. The recipe is here. I made a couple changes. Instead of using a blender, I just use a spatula. Since the butter is melted and there is only 1 cup of flour, it's not very difficult to mix by hand. Also, I find cutting chocolate to be extremely messy, so I use Guittard milk chocolate chips (2/3 c = 4 oz.). One more thing: the recipe says to use a 1.5" ice cream scoop to scoop out the cookies, but to get 3 dozen, you have to use a tablespoon because the ice cream scoop makes enormous cookies (16 per batch). If you scoop with a tablespoon, the cookies only need to cook 10 minutes instead of 15.

Whisking the cocoa and flour:
Chocolate and butter ready to be melted:
Melted chocolate/butter creamed with sugar, salt and baking soda to which we add eggs and vanilla:
After folding in chocolate chips:

Here's the finished product. They were a big hit! (I think it's because they're a successful combination of cookie and brownie with a yummy chewy center.)

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  1. ooh they look good. I shouldn't read your blog when I haven't eaten. Another recipe to try.

    Ruby xx


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