Friday, May 23, 2008

More from Nigella Express

Ham Steaks with Parsley from Nigella Express and Mascarpone Peas

There were going to be two dinners with this post but what I was going to make didn't sound like what I wanted, so we went to Sonic for Grilled Cheese and Tater Tots instead. Writing that makes me wish I had cooked...

The ham steaks were tasty (they have a honey/pinot grigio vinegar sauce) although as Paul so delicately puts it, "It's hard to f--- up a ham steak." I was quite proud of the peas, though, because I made up the recipe from a Nigella suggestion. Here goes:

Mascarpone Peas
(serves 2)

1. Cover 1 cup frozen peas, 1/2 clove minced garlic and a sprinkling of kosher salt with water and bring to a boil.
2. After peas have come to a boil reduce the heat to keep peas warm until they are needed.
3. When ready to serve, drain the peas and mix 1 oz. of mascarpone, 1T parmigiano-reggiano, and freshly ground pepper with them.
4. Eat your vegetables!

I once again attempted Carottes Vichy, but they were burnt yet again. I only took my eyes off them for a minute! I blame Jacques...

In other food news, Paul and I had Knolla's Pizza for lunch (Knolla's East is just 3 miles from our apartment). Paul was craving NY-style pizza and I didn't want a salad for lunch (I've been having a balsamic vinaigrette salad for lunch this week) since we were supposed to have one for dinner. Knolla's hit the spot. Yet again, we are impressed by the quality and value of food in Wichita. We did carry-out because Paul insisted we couldn't miss today's episode of All My Children because he had to see who was going to get shot.

So, we were total couch potatoes and watched All My Children and then went to a 2 p.m. showing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (I think we're both too cheap to pay the $7.75 to see a nighttime showing). It was an enjoyable popcorn-watching summer movie (although we're too cheap for popcorn and I had to settle for 40-cent bottled water from the vending machines outside the Wal-Mart). It wasn't as good (of course) as Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Last Crusade but I would definitely say it was better than that second one (see I can't even remember the name of it oh yeah Temple of Doom which was only memorable for "Anything Goes" in Chinese). Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the only Indiana Jones I've actually seen in the theater and I saw it in the Imax screening room. That was pretty cool.


  1. Hi! Grandma and I are working on "stuff." We just read your last 2 posts. You're food pictures look great! Thanks for the review of Indiana Jones.

  2. lol...All my children! guys are funny.
    All your pictures make me hungry, I may just start cooking the recipes you're posting (gasp!).


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