Monday, April 27, 2009

College Hill and Quiche-tastrophe

I am terribly excited because we're finally moving into our College Hill duplex! It's Tudor style, built in 1925 and only half a mile away from Watermark Books and Il Vicino. Living here, I like Wichita a lot more. I also hope that our protracted move (we took possession the fourteenth and the moving van doesn't come until the second) will help excuse my absence from the blog (although that's rather the norm). My goal is to post at least once a week from now on. Here's a picture of the only part of the living room that's currently habitable:

This is the place where I'm doing the most reading. In fact, I just finished Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford, so I can now rent the movie from Netflix, because I missed it on Masterpiece Theatre. Plus, I like to read books before I see the movie so I can create my own version in my head before I'm influeced by someone else's vision. Anyway, it's a pleasant little book and I'm interested to see how it works on film.

I had to take the above photo with the flash on because it is positively dreary outside. We had absolutely horrible weather yesterday (flooding and tornadoes), but today it's just misting and moisting.* The good news is that the weather is so much cooler now. Last week, we had highs in the 80s (which I think is too hot) and today the high is only 61 (which I think is great).

Another thing I think is great is caviar, but I've had a horrible time finding it here. I happened to be at the Dillon's Marketplace in between taking loads of books to the duplex and I was perusing the import food section and found caviar on the Kosher aisle for only $5. Naturally, I was intrigued and bought it. It's really rather tasty. We had it for my birthday with Lingue di Suocera (mother-in-law's tongues) aglio olio (photo below). Paul and I ate in front of the TV while watching Netflixed Star Trek: The Next Generation. I have to say it was all quite enjoyable.

I would have more food to show, but I've had a quiche-tastrophe. In attempting to blind-bake my crust, I neglected to put the tart pan (which has a removable bottom) on a baking sheet. In the attempt to get it into the oven, it fell and I ended up with dried lima beans (my pie weights) everywhere, including down under the coils of the 400-degree oven. The whole apartment smelled like an ash tray and I haven't used the oven since. Yesterday, I was packing my baking sheets (which I keep in the drawer under the oven) and discovered that the drawer was full of lima beans. I didn't think that after I swept what felt like thousands of them off the floor that any could have escaped my notice. How did they even get in there?

I hope to have more photos of the duplex up soon and I'm also looking forward to us not running around like crazy people so I can use my new kitchen (I did make yogurt today, though).

One misty, moisty morning,

When cloudy was the weather,
There I met an old man
All clothed in leather

All clothed in leather,
With a cap under his chin.
How do you do?
And how do you do?
And how do you do again? (from Secret Rhyme Origins)


  1. I love 60 degree weather too! The picture of the duplex looks very nice - especially better than when we saw it being remodeled! Your dinner looks lovely, too!

  2. Where did you find a seated lectern!?
    And how did it become yours!?


  3. For anyone/everyone wondering, the "Ergonomic Book Holder" is from Bas Bleu (one of my favorite catalogs). Here's the link:


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