Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vintage Recipe Thursday: Nasty Jell-O of the Month

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I present you with Corned Beef Loaf!  This recipe comes from The New Jell-O Book of Surprises, as in "Surprise!  There's Jell-O in your meatloaf!"

Since we can't have corned beef without cabbage--

This recipe is from Today...what salad...what dessert? Jell-O brings dozens of answers... (1928)
Salad Suprême doesn't sound too horrible.  I might be brave enough some day to try it!

Nasty Jell-O of the Month is sponsored by its creator, Emily, whose blog is Livin' Vintage.  Thanks, Emily!

We might as well go whole-hog vintage Irish-American and listen to some Bing Crosby:

And, of course:


  1. Oh I love Bing so!

    That has to be one of the more particularly nasty Jellos I've seen. :)

  2. Ah, nothing quite like St. Pat's Day in Salt Lake City!

    Much as I usually would say "there's always room for Jello," this may be the exception.

  3. I love Bing Crosby, too.

    Have you ever read Perfection Salad, by Laura Shapiro? I think you would like it.

  4. hmmm, Lemon jello=in the meat? Was it tasty? I'm hesitant!!

  5. Baroness- I'm not brave enough to try it!

    Laura- I saw that book the last time I was at the library and didn't get a chance to look at it; I'll have to go back for it.

  6. I loved this post. Love Bing Crosby. I've had perfection salad but not this version of it. Some are good and others are just dreadful. There usually is a reason that foods disappear from public memory. Jello salads even back in the day were iffy things. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. And it looks so pretty in the picture! Can it be any worse? I took a nice break listening to Bing.

  8. I'm as gonzo for weird jello recipes that are secretly delicious as anyone but....corned beef jello!! Yikes. The Crosby quadruple action has almost cleansed my mental palette, but still. GOOD LORD. Beef and's just wrong. Thank you for bringing this atrocity to my attention.

  9. oh, lord. i can't even imagine what those taste like! thanks for the Bing to wash it away.
    <3 mode.

  10. Ooooh,that is a nasty jello. I love Bing though!

  11. Okay, this is totally off topic, but I saw these cool hats at Etsy and thought of you . . . (Helena Bianca Studios, etsy name is yellowfield7 and she uses original 1920's hat blocks for some of her hats.)


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