Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday Roast

We had decent (for the time of year) weather Saturday and Sunday. The highs were only in the mid-eighties, which is rather cool compared to the rest of last week when the high temperatures were 99˚ to 101˚.  I thought I would use the relatively cool weather on Sunday to make a roast and, thus, be able to use the leftovers for the rest of the week and not have to turn on the oven in the heat.  Stay tuned for my leftovers recipes.

I started with this June Sunday Dinner menu in Modern Meal Maker:

Roast Rump of Beef
Browned Potatoes
Carrots and Peas
Finger Rolls
Tomato and Cucumber Salad
Angel Dainty
Coffee, Tea or Milk

I used my Old English Roast Beef recipe but left out the parsnips and I used two potatoes per person, since I used smaller potatoes.  Rather than make finger rolls, I just made Yorkshire Pudding, since it's made in the same pan as the roast, at the same temperature.

I did leave out the tomato and cucumber salad, because we had a good amount of food already and neither of us likes cucumbers or raw tomatoes.  I also left out the Angel Dainty, a "filled Angel Food Cake with a fresh strawberry gelatine center," because I had a suspicion we wouldn't be hungry for dessert, anyway!  However, if I were making this for guests, I would definitely include dessert and a salad!

The carrots and peas were made on the stovetop while the Yorkshire pudding was baking.  I just trimmed and scraped one carrot per person and cut them into "coins" and boiled them six minutes, then added 1/2 cup frozen peas per person and boiled another two minutes.  I strained the vegetables and put them back in the pan over low heat with 1/2 tablespoon butter per person, 1 teaspoon sugar per person and salt and pepper and stirred until the butter melted.

Thanks to Netflix Watch Instantly, I've managed to get my husband addicted to Sherlock and Downton Abbey, so he's looking forward to this season of Masterpiece Theatre as much as I am.  Paul picked the Sherlock episode "The Great Game" to watch Sunday night to go with our roast beef.

Since the weather was so nice Saturday, we went with friends to Riverfest for fair food, Eddie Money and fireworks.  Turns out I knew more Eddie Money songs than I thought.  The people-watching is always fascinating, as well.  You can see some of the people we saw at the People of Riverfest website.

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  1. Looks delicious! I love how dedicated you are to cooking. I wish I could gather more enthusiasm for it more than a week or two at a time every few years. LOL!

  2. Tasha- I'm really more dedicated to eating! I'm not a process-oriented person, so I cook and bake for the end product. That's what keeps me motivated!

    I definitely go through periods where I don't want to cook anything for several weeks at a time. I always have to go out and find new inspiration.

  3. I do love a good roast. I made roast beef on Monday night and it is all still in the fridge waiting for dinner.

  4. That's a nice menu, and it looks delicious.

    RE your comment on my blog, Lady Carlyle is a very pretty pattern. Love the pink and roses. It's a real shame that China, can no longer produce quality china/porcelain, at least for export. I don't understand how Royal Albert and others can accept the lower standards.

  5. Oh, boy, my hubby would love this meal...perfect for Father's Day. Great inspiration here, Lauren :)

  6. Love your Sunday dinner! I am with you on the raw cucumber/tomato salad - ew.

    I love going to places with lots of people - last year at Taste of Chicgo it was definitely a great place to people watch!

  7. Your blog has made me so unbelievably hungry, I decided to sign-up as a follower.


  8. Food looks great - can't wait to see what you do with the leftovers. I love both Sherlock and Downton Abbey! Can't wait for new ones. The People of Riverfest are SCARY!

  9. Those roast potatoes look soooo good. And I love potatoes with peas and carrots. I have to make this tomorrow for dinner . . . Did you season the potatoes or just toss them with oil and throw them in a hot oven?

  10. Laura- I just seasoned everything when it came out of the oven. And you don't even have to toss the potatoes in oil; the fat that you add to the pan makes a puddle around the roast, which is nice and hot and will brown the potatoes. Just throw the potatoes (pricked first) on top of that and you don't need to bother about any of it until the roast is ready. That's the best part! I always make whatever number of potatoes will fit in the pan and save the rest for other things.

    Best of luck! I hope it all goes well!

  11. Oh, and don't forget to par-boil the potatoes for 5 minutes first!

  12. Brent loved *Sherlock* this season too! Ha! We're subversively turning our menfolk into Masterpiece fans. :)


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