Monday, December 12, 2011

The Cure for the Common Cold, Snow Days or any Wintery Malaise

First thing you'll need are some fabulous pajamas. I have the Brooks Brothers cotton ones already and I love them. (You can click each image for more information.) Leather ballet slippers are my house slipper of choice. I usually buy them a size up from the size I wore for ballet class so I have room to wear socks.
Pajama Wish List
Next up, you'll need a hot toddy. I always start out with these and then things devolve into Scotch with near-boiling water because I don't want to bother with the lemon and the honey when I'm sick!

Hot Toddy

large mug
1 jigger whisky (I like Johnnie Walker, Paul likes Maker's Mark)
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tablespoon honey (local and raw is best)
boiling water to top it off

The third (and probably most important) aspect is entertainment. Personally, I like to get in bed and watch all of the George Sanders The Saint movies. Mine are recorded onto a VHS tape from TCM, but those nice people at Warner Brothers have recently put them on DVD (feels like they did it just for me, doesn't it?). Honestly, I couldn't give you a rundown of the plot of any of these films. Every time I watch them I've probably only eaten digestive biscuits, washed down with hot toddies. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy each and every movie.

These help too:

The Saint image sources: The Saint in London poster, The Saint in Palm Springs poster, The Saint Strikes Back poster, George Sanders portrait


  1. Are you feeling sick? Or just getting prepared? Hot Toddies are the best for a cough. I think I've only seen the first movie - don't remember the others anyway!

  2. @Lori
    Thankfully, I'm just getting prepared! Hopefully I won't get sick this year.

  3. Nothings better than cozy jammies. Your choices are perfect. Happy holidays.

  4. For me it's FLANNEL p.j.s and I curl up in bed cuddling with my chihuahua Rocky who is like a little hot water bottle.

    I LOVE the George Sanders and Tom Conway SAINT films. I know what you mean about not knowing the plots - who cares? It's the experience. And with a hot toddy too, GREAT idea, Lauren. :)

    I need to definitely check out that DVD with all the Saint films on it. Sounds a real treat.

  5. @Yvette
    Exactly. It's 338 minutes of George Sanders. What could be better? :-)

  6. Love all your cozy ideas for getting better! Enjoy and get well soon!

  7. Ohh! I love these PJs. Never seen these movies before. I'd love to watch them. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. You know that I love a toddy.
    And I totally covet your owl mug.

  9. Usually common cold is being accompanied with cough, fever and severe sore throat. You can also try making your own ginger tea with honey and lemon. It's refreshing and soothing all at the same time.


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