Monday, March 11, 2013

Life This Week: March 11, 1940

Left: ad in Life for Too Many Husbands / Top right: Jean Arthur dances with Fred MacMurray, Melvyn Douglas scowls / Bottom right: Jean Arthur canoodles with Melvyn Douglas, Fred MacMurray scowls

This week's issue has an article about Jean Arthur (whom I adore!) and mentions her upcoming film is Too Many Husbands. I've actually talked about this hidden gem of a film before. Check out my previous post for more about the film and to get the recipe for delicious cookies and for yummy homemade chocolate pudding.

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  1. Not to get off the subject, but--Jean Arthur's dog is REALLY cute! (Pudding and cookies look great, too.)

  2. Pudding and cookies - can't beat comfort food!

  3. Chocolate pudding will always get my attention - yummy indeed!


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