Monday, May 23, 2011

Life this Week: May 23, 1938

Errol Flynn is on the cover of Life this week (well, this week in 1938).  The contents page describes him as "a Glamor Boy, as truly as any of the Glamor Boys on pages 4-7*, not by virtue of a synthetic Hollywood build-up but because of his long career as adventurer, sailor, boxer, gold prospector and author."

*Those other "Glamor Boys", who follow in the footsteps of the "original Glamor Boy" Duke of Windsor, include Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, Jules Glaenzer (vice president of Cartier's), William Rhinelander Stewart ("Dean of Glamor Boys") and a lot of brokers.    

Ambassador-to-Britain Joe Kennedy "pierced the bosoms of ambitious American dowagers and debutantes" by restricting Court presentation to the "womenfolk" of American officials and Americans living in Britain for "business reasons."  His own daughters, Kathleen and Rosemary, were two of only seven American girls presented to the King and Queen on May 11, 1938.

"Mrs. Claude Bennington, authoress and sportswoman, finds that a shooting stick rests the tedium of opening night" at Covent Garden.

In case you forgot, I'll remind you that this week is National Arrow Week.  Remember, you can't be "the top" without an Arrow collar:

I'm ridiculously excited about the Movie of the Week:
Movie poster from Wikipedia
The Adventures of Robin Hood is one of my absolute favorites.  On a (thankfully) rare sick day, I'll usually get out my two-disc special edition, make myself a cup of tea and get back in bed.  Errol Flynn movies were even my drug-of-choice during graduate school.  I've watched many many more Errol Flynn movies since 2007 and I have to say that I always enjoy the ones with Olivia DeHavilland the most.  She's just awesome.  (Check out this post from TJB's blog about Miss DeHavilland's love affair with Dior.  Check out her fabulous zebra cape!  I want to look that great when I'm 93.)

We'll have to revisit Robin Hood (no hardship there) in the autumn.  I discovered a treat called Nottingham Pudding that appears to be a sweet, spiced Yorkshire pudding/apple dumpling combination, but it will have to wait until apples are in season.  Mark your calendars!

While we're waiting for October to roll around, the editors of Life have provided us with an Errol Flynn pictorial.  Remember this simple equation:

aviators + cigarette holder + shorts = perfect boating outfit

You must also remember that wearing a shirt inhibits day-to-day activities such as diving, fencing and bow-hunting sting rays.

All right, so I inclined rather toward the frivolous this week (I'm getting really tired of all those Fascists). What were your favorite articles?


  1. Eroll Flynn! Might have been the object of my first crush, hehe

  2. LOL, I enjoy all your snippets. Those were the days.

  3. Lord! How HOT eroll flynn is with his moustache. I love men with a moustache : I think this is the paroxysm of class. I love the article about the glamor boys :)

  4. It's funny, I always found Errol charismatic and charming, but never quote-unquote hot. His son, however...

    And thanks for the Livvy link to SSUWAT!

    Word verification: pribbly. "Olivia de Havilland will pribbly never mend fences with Joan Fontaine."


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