Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life This Week: October 17, 1938

The cover story this week is all about Carole Lombard: "A Loud Cheer for the Screwball Girl." If you're as big a fan as I am, you'll want to read this article!

Secondly, I love that there's an article about tweed, because I just watched the documentary suggested by Karen at Small Earth Vintage about the current ails of the Harris Tweed industry. There's a link to watch the video at her post.

Finally, what better to go with tweed than a bit of porridge ("oatmeal" to us Americans)? I call this version "Golden Porridge" because it's got golden syrup and golden raisins!

Golden Porridge

1 serving oatmeal
2 tablespoons golden raisins
1 tablespoon golden syrup
pinch mixed spice

This isn't much of a recipe, because all you do is top the oatmeal with the other ingredients and enjoy!

Not only is this a nod to the chilly weather we're having today (especially odd-feeling since it was 85 in Dallas!) but also to the sweet Scots couple we met on the elevator Saturday morning who guided us through the complementary breakfast. The husband was getting oatmeal, so I figured it would be a safe bet! ;-)

Speaking of Dallas, the photos for our first day there are up on flickr, but I've reached my storage limit, so I have to decide what to do now! Is the "Pro" version worth the $25 per year?


  1. Carole Lombard was an amazing screen goddess. Those shots are fabulous.

  2. Karen/Small Earth VintageOctober 18, 2011 at 8:19 AM

    I can't wait to go look at the link about tweed!

    I have a Flickr Pro Account. I don't know if it's worth the extra money, but I suppose it is for me because I like having that storage space for photos of my archives of sold vintage items. I'm not using Flickr quite as much as I used to for things other than business, though.

  3. My favorite Carol Lombard movies are: TO BE OR NOT TO BE and TWENTIETH CENTURY. She was such a lovely woman and a terrific actress. Left us much too soon.

    Love, love, LOVE tweed. I once had a tweed coat that I wore until it was practically in rags. :) There's just nothing like tweed to make you feel warm and comfy and fashionable. A couple of seasons ago, designers were using tweed all over the place.

    At one time I had tweed wool pants. I think they might still be in the back of my closet somewhere. But I've added a few pounds since then.

    I love golden raisins and oatmeal. Great combo. Perfect on a cold day.

  4. Great pics of Carole Lombard! Is there another option besides the $25.00 fee at Flickr? Is it unlimited storage? Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  5. Ohh, love the photos of Carole Lombard. Love porridge, too! I eat oatmeal every morning with blueberries and cinnamon. I'll be trying Golden Porridge tomorrow!

  6. Aaaah so that's what "oatmeal" means (I'm a Brit)! Thanks for clearing up the mystery :)

    I love tweed! And Carole L in To Be or Not to Be...

    Found your blog on the Paper Sparrow Hitchcock Blog party. It's a great concept, I'll be following!

  7. love all those vintage roundups!
    the golden syrup oatmeal and raisins look right out of a retro poster!

  8. lovely photos... and this porridge. a friend of mine lately got the habit of eating porridge every morning and she loves it.


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