Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week-in-Review and More Dallas Photos

I've upgraded to flickr pro. We'll see how that goes, but it made sense since it's the easiest way to get photos from my computer (where I hook up my camera and iPhone) and Paul's computer (where the Photoshop is) and I like having a backup of my photos! I'll let you know how it goes.

The rest of my Dallas photos are up! They're not edited or anything, but I think it's kind of fun to see people's unedited lives every once in a while. :-)

My favorite Dallas photo:
Paul is just trying to eat his Chick-Fil-A in the food court at Northpark Center and I have to take a photo. This one makes me laugh every time. We love each other. Really.

Does anyone else feel like the last two weeks have been a blur? We were in Texas last weekend and my parents came to visit this weekend. We found some great antique-y things and ate cake--I'll post more about both later! Here's what was on the blog this week:

Life This Week: October 17, 1938
North by Northwest Guest Post
Dinner and a Movie: The Pit and the Pendulum

On the menu for today: checking all the e-mail that has piled up in my inbox over the past fortnight. Scary! One of my major failings is being consistently behind in checking e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc. I always laugh when I hear life coaches on TV advise people to lessen their stress by only checking their e-mail a couple of times a day! I obviously don't have that problem... Ah, technology. It's a love-hate thing.

I hope all of you are enjoying what's left of the weekend!


  1. Paul looks oh so disgruntled. :)

    I have to smile.

  2. Just had a nosey through your pics. I WANNA TAKE A ROAD TRIP! Which frock did you wear in the end, I liked the pink one x

  3. That's what I ended up wearing, but without the black tights/black booties. I just wore the beige pumps--it was almost 90 degrees!

    I actually packed all three, because I didn't know what I was going to wear! Good thing we didn't fly. Although, I might consider it next time. Seven hours in the car is a long time!

  4. I don't like it when family photos are too perfect--got to have the "real life" in there somewhere!

  5. haha I love that picture, it just says it all :P you wouldn't believe the amount of bribing I have to do to get my man to smile nicely for the camera :D Looks like you lot had a great time!

    xxx ninja (

  6. That is a very funny picture . . . And I liked the pink dress best, too.

  7. Love your road trip pics - you're right, it's great to see some unedited portions of life. I like the pink dress you wore. I hope Paul enjoyed the rest of his lunch! :)

  8. Yes, the last two weeks have been a blurrrrrr for me, glad I was not alone!

    Pic of Paul, Lol!


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