Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Errol Flynn Therapy

Well, it's starting to look more like a sock. It was time for an Errol Flynn-therapy session. Always makes me feel better to watch an Errol Flynn movie, especially if Olivia de Havilland is in it, too. I want to be a cool old lady like Olivia. I love watching interviews with her--she tells some great stories about her experiences as an actress. The interview with her is part of the reason I want the 4-disc special edition Gone with the Wind. Anyway, I think Errol movies are therapeutic for numerous reasons (his characters, for the most part, are paragons of manly virtue and there are a few people I'd like him to punch in the nose) and I still think that Paul ought to keep his mustache trimmed like E.F.'s.

Why did I need therapy, you ask? It's just that time in the semester.

In case you were wondering how I decide how many rounds to knit for a sock:
Last, but not least, an alternate shot of Claude with my books:

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