Monday, November 26, 2007

Finished: Methods Paper

Above: 48cm of books and Monet for scale; click if you'd like to read the titles

The best thing about this whole experience was discovering that there was an MP named Sir Harbottle Grimston. Seriously, just check Grey's Debates. Sounds very Dickensian, doesn't it? I wonder what Sir Harbottle was like. Was he round and bald and jolly or tall, skinny, hunched, and crooked? There are no other options. I do have a feeling, however, that Dickens would have made someone named Sir Harbottle Grimston into a comic character.

Back to the paper: only 23 pages, but there was no more to write. It's very hard for me to do work for a class I hate!

Tomorrow Dr. Lewis is giving a lecture entitled "Revisiting Brideshead: The English Country House in World War II" and on Thursday Erika and I are going to Dr. Abramson's lecture on food in 18th-century France. That should make my week better. Plus, Rebecca and I are going to lunch after Dr. Lewis's lecture. Fun!

After tonight, there is only one more class period for Methods and I could not be happier. I am so glad to have the paper finished, which means that all I have to do this week and next week is write my paper for Directed Readings and grade term papers for Tudor England.

Today while perusing the internet, I found this flickr group: Gourmet Crochet and Knitting. It's entirely devoted to crochet and knit food and I couldn't help thinking that some of the objects would be great for a foreign language class learning food vocab. I also found out yesterday that I don't need a teaching license to teach French in Kansas at the secondary level.

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