Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An Explanation for the Lack of Cuisine of Late

Last night was the last Methods class ever. Dave wanted to go celebrate, but we'll all have to go out some other time. I think Allison, Ariana, and I were so beyond celebrating! I just wanted to go home and go to sleep!

I know my blog started off with food photos and I intend to post more--as soon as I start cooking again. The end of the semester has really put a cramp in my culinary style. Recently, I've been enjoying(?) Lean Cuisine and Campbell's soup. Dear Lord, I am ready to return to the kitchen! So as soon as finals are over, Paul and I are off to Vegas and then I will come back and get back to cuisine (and knitting and reading and wasting time on YouTube etc. etc.). To tide us over, here is a photo of prosciutto-wrapped pork chops, lima bean salad, and the ubiquitous carottes étuvées au beurre that I made earlier and never posted:
The pork chops are from the June 2006 issue of Everyday Food and the lima beans are from another issue of Everyday Food, but I can't find it at present.

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