Sunday, February 6, 2011

Traditional British Food: Marmalade Teabread

It was 2:00 on Friday afternoon and I hadn't decided what to make for tea.  I wanted something simple, not chocolate (we've had quite a bit lately), and something that didn't require softened butter, because it's February, I hadn't prepared, and I don't have a microwave.

The butter for Marmalade Teabread is rubbed in, like making a pie crust, which means it goes in cold--no softening required.  I also haven't been to the grocery store in almost a week now, because we've had so much snow, but this recipe only requires pantry ingredients.  I used Mackay's Dundee Marmalade, because the last time I attempted a marmalade cake, I used Frank Cooper's Original Oxford Marmalade and the cake was unpalatable in its bitterness.

Marmalade Teabread


How about a movie set in a Scottish village to go with your teabread?  Cottage to Let (Anthony Asquith, 1941) is a fun thriller, in which any number of the village's new arrivals may or may not be Nazi spies.  You'll probably recognize John Mills, Alistair Sim and Leslie Banks in starring roles.  My favorite character, however, is Ronald Mittsby, a smart but aggravating evacuee played by George Cole.  Put the kettle on and enjoy--


  1. Sure wish I lived closer....I would be over to have some. It looks sooo yummy!!!!
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  2. Though I'm repeating myself, this looks absolutely DELICIOUS. A little bit of Zen picture, very nice!

  3. Just thinking about this cake with some tea makes me feel all warm and cozy. Although, I hope you get out from under that snow soon! (it is finally starting to melt where we are).

    I like the movie, too, although I haven't watched it through to the end yet.

  4. I lived in Dundee all of last year, where marmalade was purportedly invented. It was the city of "jam, jute, and journalism". I've got a huge quantity of oranges that I bought to make vanilla-orange curd, but perhaps I will make some marmalade and then marmalade teabread instead!

    I'm going to have to try your bannock recipe, too. I've made oat bannocks several times, but the barley version intrigues me.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd drop in and say hello. I have been thinking of you lately, and wondering how your life is going.


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