Friday, September 2, 2011

Dinner and a Movie: Dear Murderer

Eric Portman

Dear Murderer is fun for several reasons: a relatively brief (but suitably slimy) performance by Dennis Price, a totally twisty Britnoir plot and the incomparable Eric Portman, who plays a crazy-jealous wronged husband, and last, but not least, femme fatale Greta Gynt's fabulous wardrobe.

First off, I got some screen captures of Greta's white evening gown:

Here's a shorter wrap dress with a big sparkly leaf accent:

Her jewelry:
The bracelet is metal mesh.  Too divine!

Despite appearances, clothes rationing was still in place in Britain in 1947.  Greta and Eric got to wear fabulous dressing gowns, as well.  Ah, the magic of movies...

This dressing gown has amazing sleeves and fabulous lace:

 Here's one with a great collar and cuffs:

Greta has another in satin; Eric's is pretty spiffy, too.  I love their twin beds with satin headboards and chenille spreads.  Come visit me in a few years--my guest bedroom will look just like this photo!

Finally, Hazel Court appears in a supporting role and the perfect coat/tam combo:

Dear Murderer is currently available on Netflix Watch Instantly.


With all the devilish goings-on in Dear Murderer, how about a nice dinner of Deviled Chicken? (See what I did there? Yes, I love a corny segue.) This is another recipe I've adapted from The National Trust Farmhouse Cookbook, which I got recently and am absolutely loving.  The green beans are just steamed, buttered and seasoned.  No big deal.  You can use any green vegetable you want with this (or any other-colored vegetable, really, it's not part of the Deviled Chicken recipe!).  The leftover rice and chicken can be refrigerated.  I just made sure to really coat the leftover rice in sauce and then put the chicken on top.  The whole thing can be reheated in a 300˚ Fahrenheit oven for about an hour.  A few bits of rice along the edges will get crunchy, but I figure it's a small price to pay to not have to do any real work.
Deviled Chicken


  1. Mmm, dinner looks *good*--I like deviled anything, I think. And I'm--naturally--loving the fashions in your screencaps. I'll have to add this to my queue for the fashion, if nothing else!

  2. This movie looks so fashionable! Definitely one I need to see. Thanks for the suggestion!!

  3. That movie looks right up my alley! The costumes are divine...

  4. Love your screen photos and descriptions! Have a great weekend!

  5. i love the old hollywood glam in that movie!!! the dresses are gorgeous! :D

  6. Haven't seen Dear Murderer. I wonder if it has a Hitchcock feel?

  7. Deviled Chicken sounds realllly good! I too love the fashions from back in the day. As a kid I was more into what the starlets were wearing than the movie plot.

  8. Ton- It doesn't feel particularly like Hitchcock to me. Of course, there are similar elements (lots of dramatic irony), but I think it feels more "noir."

  9. That chicken looks wonderful and I was definitely born in the wrong era fashion-wise. I just about died over those wardrobe shots.

  10. Ah, the glamorous fashion of the era! That deviled chicken sounds superb.

  11. Looove the wardrobe. I have a national trust cookbook and I love it too.


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