Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week-in-Review, "Flea Market Finds" and a Hair Update

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The recycling center here in Wichita has a books section. People bring unwanted books and then anyone can get whatever they want for free. It's pretty awesome, except that the encyclopedia sets are almost never complete. Of course, I can't complain too much, especially since there's always a fun (and rather odd) selection of books. For example, last weekend there were two copies of a book called Fat is a Feminist Issue--one was in "health" next to a paperback copy of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask while the other was in "women" next to  When I Say No, I Feel Guilty. The nonfiction section is always a hoot. I usually head for the hardcover fiction, which turns up a good selection of midcentury novels (many by women authors, at that).

Recycling Center Books



Here's some exciting news--well, I think it's exciting, anyway. My hair is long enough again to go into a bun! Woohoo! I love wearing my hair this way because it can be 18th century or 1970s, take your pick. That is, the 18th century or the 1970s, according to films starring Ryan O'Neal.

Barry Lyndon (my screen cap)

What's Up Doc?


  1. Oh, I'm glad you did an overview of your delicious recipes!

  2. The book library sounds like a great idea - nothing like it here. And thanks for featuring Barbra in your post- I think she is sensational.

  3. Ah, I do love a bun. In fact, my hair is in one right now. I call it a "work bun" when my hair is getting on my nerves and I bung it all up with an industrial sized rubber band. Not very elegant but a bun neverltheless! I too love Barbra. The man I have a crush on in my local record shop gave me one of her LPs for free the other day. I was thrilled.

  4. Great idea there are so many unwanted books making them free is a much better idea. I have to try a bun like that it's so pretty.

    E :)

  5. Cute bun! You would fit right in tho those 70s movies!

  6. I like the new updo look.I usually put my hair in a bun. I found this really handy tool in the accessories department in Target. It is a twisty metal thing that spirals into the bun and holds it in place.

  7. What a lovely bun! I can never get mine to look anywhere near as elegant. Love the terrific selection of books, too!


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