Thursday, September 8, 2011

Focus on Ingredients: Raw Milk Cheddar

Raw Milk Cheddar
Package of raw milk cheddar and some organic apples from a recent shopping trip

Durham is about sixty miles from Wichita, so I guess that makes this cheddar pretty darn "locavore." On top of that, this is some really tasty cheddar. The texture is a bit harder than I'm used to with cheddars, but not quite as hard as a parmesan or pecorino. Here in Wichita, Green Acres Market carries a few of the Jason Wiebe Dairy cheeses or they're available online.

Why raw milk?

  • The Wulzen Factor prevents calcification of the joints (degenerative arthritis), arterial hardening, cataracts and pineal gland calcification. The Wulzen Factor is only present in raw milk (location 647).
  • Pasteurization destroys vitamin B12 (location 1041).
  • Raw milk has naturally-occurring protective bacteria (location 1160).
  • Pasteurization changes the amino acids lysine and tyrosine, making complex proteins less available (location 1163).
  • Raw milk has more than two times more vitamin C and other water-soluble vitamins than pasteurized milk (location 1163).
  • Raw milk makes minerals such as calcium, chloride, magnesium and potassium more readily available to your body (location 1166).
  • Pasteurization kills all of milk's enzymes (location 1170).
Information is from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. I've indicated the location numbers provided by my Kindle.

To find raw milk in your area, you can visit

I mostly eat this cheddar with my lunch, but I occasionally like to make things with it. Here are my recipes:


  1. Mmm, cheddar with apples! Nothing better. I know we have locally-produced cheddar cheese--I'll have to check into a raw one. I have noticed that better-tasting (IMO) cheddar cheeses are much harder than, say, the orange block of Kraft from the grocery store.

  2. That quiche recipe looks mighty good. I like the idea of green pea risotto too. Yum.

    Don't know about raw milk, though. Have to think that one over. :)

  3. I am all for the benefits of raw milk. Unfortunately, Australian food laws don't permit its sale. I love your cheese dish suggestions!

  4. What a great little blog you have.
    Raw milk is the best. Having worked at a dairy I used to scoop it straight out of the vat after milking, still warm. The flavour is so very different to the bought variety.
    One day I hope to have our own house cows to milk. Imagine all the lovely cheese, yoghurt and butter then :). x

  5. So nice you have local raw milk cheese This cheddar sounds delicious and I like your list of cheese recipes. I often wish we could have a cow in our backyard...perhaps someday!

  6. It's 6am and my mouth is watering, lol. I loveeeee good cheddar cheese. In all honesty, I don't think I've ever tried anything made with raw milk, if I have I don't remember. (Which is a little embarrassing seeing as eating "healthy food" is a huge part of what I teach people).

  7. I am absolutely cheese lover! And (as UK fan:)) I adore cheddar!... There are sometimes really nice pieces of British cheddar here (in Czech republic) in shops aswell, so, I can buy it too - which makes me really happy:)
    It remins me I haven't been to cheese shop for such a long time! What a pity...
    Cheddar from supermarket isn't such delight as the one from cheese shop:)

  8. as you know I am french so I absolutely must approve you : raw milk is essential especially for a good cheese ;D


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