Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week-in-Review and more "Flea Market Finds"

This week on The Past on a Plate:

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I have to admit to not being much on buying souvenirs. I usually spend all of my money on antiques and  maybe some clothing, so I don't have a collection of souvenir shot glasses, or anything like that. Luckily for me, other people buy souvenirs. I found this transferware plate at an estate sale. It has an illustration of the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg, which I've visited, but had no souvenir to prove it--until now! It's actually very similar to my Liberty Blue dishes, which you see quite often on this blog, except it's red, not blue, and has a colonial rather than revolution theme. If I remember correctly, this plate was under $10, so quite a good deal.

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  1. Lovely dish! It's nice too that you've actually been to Williamsburg. I'm the same way, in that I never buy souvenir items, but I do find vintage souvenir items to be much more appealing, even if I've never been to the location the souvenir commemorates! I once found a Grauman's Chinese Theatre souvenir hankie from the 30's that had this cheesy but cute little poem "Wife O' Mine" on it that I wanted to get for Gracie as a joke but the lady wanted way too much money for it.

  2. I know nothing about vintage china but that plate looks gorgeous.

  3. Hello, new favorite cooking blog.

    I don't get souvenir items much either. I find so many of them unattractive and overpriced. I like taking a buttload of pictures.

  4. thats such a lovely plate! great find! :)

  5. Yes I had a great time with my friends! :)
    Nice to know you :)

  6. I love the bowl you used for the soup!!!! You have such pretty vintage things.

    Belly B :)

  7. Love that transferware! Speaking of Williamsburg brings back fond memories. Remember the train ride though? It took FOREVER!

  8. Your new plate is so pretty - perfect foe displaying treats too.

  9. I do this too; pick up vintage souvenir items from places I have been. Like you, I tend not to buy traditional touristy items when vacationing, so it's nice to come across vintage ones when I am out thrifting.

  10. The plate is great! Wonderful find. :)

  11. you really have a wonderful collection of vintage dishes!


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