Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week-in-Review and "Flea Market Finds"

This week on The Past on a Plate:

Maslin Bread 

Hannah Woolley's Sautéed Green Beans 

Currant Soda Bread 


I found the blog Her Library Adventures last week and thought the Flea Market Finds feature was too fun. So---

I thought this week I would share a great vintage amber-glass goblet my parents found for me. I think it's fabulous! Thanks Mom and Dad!
Amber Goblet


  1. Your goblet is a treasure...especially as it was a gift from your parents :) Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend~

  2. Beautiful goblet and a lovely gift. x

  3. Wow. great goblet get. I love flea markets.

  4. I should probably say that my goblet didn't come from a flea market (OKC doesn't have those great vintage flea markets like Paris or Pasadena), but I believe Flea Market Finds is for any newly discovered vintage goodies. I hope...

  5. that is a beautiful gift! It would be lovely to serve cookies or sweets in it to guests :)

    xxx irinja (


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